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Needs Assesment

Your Pathway Out of Data Overwhelm

In a world overwhelmed by data, it's easy to lose sight of what's important. That changes with Matavis. It all starts with a no-obligation initial consultation. We focus on understanding your specific needs and business goals. Together, we identify the key Data Sources and KPIs that drive your business strategy.

Transparent and Cost-Efficient

Customized Service

Based on an initial needs assessment, we develop a customized and transparent pricing model for you. It takes into account the number of data sources required and the complexity of your dashboards. Our flexible subscription model ensures that your data is continually maintained and updated.

Back-End Data Management

Automation for Efficient Workflow

Once the terms are agreed, we move on to the practical implementation. We ensure that all data pipelines are efficiently installed and your dashboards are ready to use. Our focus is on fast and seamless implementation.

Datenservice - Datenquellen
Datenprozess Visualisierung von Datenquellen über Data Engineering bis zur Visualisierung in Dashboard
Sales Dashboard
KPI Dashboard

Visual Insights

Dashboards That Let Your Data Speak

Data is only as valuable as its interpretability. That's why at Matavis we develop customized Dashboards, that transform your data into clearly understandable visualizations. This enables you to identify business trends early on and make proactive decisions.

Flexible Access

Your Business at Your Fingertips

No matter where you are, our easy-to-use web application ensures that your dashboards are just a click away. With its intuitive interface and mobile availability, you always have a complete view of your business.

Long-Term Partnership

Ongoing Support and Adaptation

At Matavis, we see ourselves as long-term partners. Beyond the initial setup, we provide ongoing maintenance and customization to meet the growing needs of your business. Optional training is available to ensure your team is maximizing the effective use of the tools and dashboards we provide. This ensures that you realize the full potential of your data.

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